YGK Traffic has been helping Kingstonians make it home safely since 2011.  Can also be found on Twitter here, and on Facebook here.


Q: What does YGK mean?
A: On twitter, the platform on which this service started, words are often shortened because of the 280 character limit on posts.  A common shorthand has evolved which uses a municipality's airport code to refer to that city. YGK, the code for Kingston's Norman Rogers Airport, then, is short form for the City Of Kingston.

Q: It's called YGK Traffic but I see more than just traffic news on here. Can you explain?
A: Over the years, YGK Traffic has grown and evolved to cover news that Kingstonians have told me is most pressing and relevant to them. So, in addition to road closures and collisions, this service also covers any incidents that are related to public safety matters in our region: fires, , power outages,missing persons, violent crimes, scams, etc.

Q: Who runs this service? Is this a city-run page?
This service is run on a volunteer basis by one person. It is not run by or affiliated with the City of Kingston. More info about who operates YGK Traffic can be found here.