Counterfeit currency in Kingston

(Counterfeit bills found in Kingston - submitted)

(Dec 1, 2017 - Kingston, ON ) Kingston Police say they have seen a recent increase in reports involving counterfeit currency, including seven incidents in the month of November 2017 alone. These reports include incidents where the counterfeit money was found and where it was used or attempted to be used in a transaction. The counterfeit bills have been in both Canadian and American currency and in denominations including $20, $50 and $100. Some of the currency has been obviously fake, made with paper or with foreign writing on it.

The Bank of Canada has made information available on their website regarding counterfeit currency including security features to look for. For more information visit

Kingston Police advise that if you find or have currency that you feel may be counterfeit, do not attempt to use it. Call police or attend your nearest police headquarters. Similarly, if you are offered currency during a transaction that you feel may be counterfeit, do not accept it and call police as soon as you feel safe to do so. Record any description of the person and/or vehicle involved.