Fabrizio is not trying to hack you via Facebook

( Jan 15, 2018 - Kingston, ON ) No, Fabrizio Brambilla is not trying to hack scores of Facebookers and even if he was, accepting his "friend request" would not give him access to your computer system. 

The warning about Mr Brambilla has been spreading like wildfire via Facebook Messenger and, like many such similar messages in the past, is a hoax.

Similar claims warning about Christopher and Jessica Davies, Smartgrrl15, Roland Dreyer, Matthias Damberger, Mario Sommer, Fabian Berneder, Frank Becker or Jayden K Smith, to name a few, are equally false. 

Do not copy and share this message. While it is possible that viruses may be spread via email attachments or links to unknown sites, it is neither possible to spread a virus by accepting a friend request on Facebook nor is it likely that you will actually receive a friend request from these non-existent persons.