Man offering reward for return of father's ashes

(Joe and Bridget Ferrill-submitted)

Joe and Bridged Ferrill - submitted

(Nov 27 2017 - Deseronto, ON) 

UPDATE: One of the alleged thieves has now been apprehended, and some of the stolen items have been returned.  The locket containing Mr Ferrill's ashes remains missing, however, and one of the alleged thieves remains at large.

A bereaved man is offering a financial reward, with no questions asked, for the return of his deceased father's stolen ashes.

In a Facebook post, Eric Ferrill asked the alleged thief to return the locket containing the remains of his father, Joe Ferrill, who passed away of cancer earlier this year at the age of 55.  The locket was allegedly stolen, along with other pieces of jewelry, during a home break-in over the weekend on Church Lane in Deseronto.  In the post, Ferrill offered the thief, or anyone with information which would lead to the locket's return, a reward of $500.  

Bridget Ferrill, Joe's widow and Eric's mother, said the locket had her late husband's thumbprint engraved on it, as well as his dates of birth and death.  "I was so upset, I was shaking when I realized what had happened," she said. Bridget and Joe Ferrill had been together for 29 years and married for 24 years, during which time she cared for him through the effects of kidney failure and multiple transplant surgeries, as well as the cancer which ultimately took his life this past April.  

Anyone with information which could lead to the return of the locket is asked to contact Napanee OPP at 613-354-3369 or Eric Ferrill on Facebook at .