Kingston drivers ranked among Canada's safest 
  1. Kingston has been ranked among some of the safest driving cities in Canada, according to Allstate Insurance Canada’s 2017 Safe Driving Study. Of the 93 cities in four provinces reviewed, the Limestone City ranked 22nd, a significant improvement from 34th place in 2015. During that two year period, Allstate found a decrease of 9% in collision claims made within the municipality.

    The study determined that Hanmer, Ontario, was Canada’s safest driving city among those surveyed in 2017, with a collision frequency of only 3.65 per 100 vehicles in that city, compared to Kingston’s 4.81 per 100 vehicles.

    Ontario overall slipped in driving safety, with an increase of 4.07% in its collision frequency rate. However, it is also home to four of the five communities with the greatest improvement in collision claims since the last study was performed: Garcon, Stittsville, Val Caron, and North Bay.

    Overall, the study found collisions are on the rise in the nation, up 2.5%. Troublingly, it also found that the most severe accidents involved pedestrians and cyclists. Unsurprisingly, the winter months of December, January, and February were the ones with most auto collision claims, and busy weekdays like Friday were found to be significantly riskier than weekends.