Kingston Police Welcome Two New Officers

(Jan 2, 2018 - Kingston, ON) Kingston Police welcomed two new constables to its police force on January 2, 2017. New officers Sara O’toole and Trevor Sharpe were sworn in at the Superior Court by the Honourable Justice Tranmer. Members of Kingston Police Senior Command including Chief Larochelle, Deputy Chief McNeely, Inspector Corcoran and Inspector Rice attended the ceremony.  

O'toole grew up in New Brunswick and has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Sciences and Community Health. Sara played competitive hockey in university, where her women’s team won a Division 1 NCAA championship. Her professional hockey career has given her a broad understanding of different cultures, having spent time in the USA, Switzerland and Russia. Since 2014 she has successfully owned and operated her own business as a trainer of young female hockey players. In addition to her work, O'toole has volunteered her time to charities overseas as well as coaching women’s hockey.

Sharpe was born and raised in Ottawa and in 2005 he obtained a diploma in Police Foundations. Since then, Sharpe has worked within the law enforcement/security field, with the last nine years as a special constable. Since 2009 he has worked at OC Transpo, where he progressed to Sergeant Special Constable. He brings a wide range of skills and qualifications including a strong understanding of provincial and federal laws, supervisory experience and conflict dispute resolution. Sharpe is also an active member in the community and has volunteered his time to various charities, fundraisers and high school sports programs. Sharpe also served as a volunteer with Ottawa Fire Service, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters.