How to prevent frozen windshield wipers

( Jan 12, 2018 - Kingston, ON ) It's a common Canadian winter sight - parking lots full of cars with windshield wipers propped up in anticipation of a snow- or ice-storm.

The common wisdom is that this strategy will keep the wipers from being frozen to the windshield, thereby preventing damage to the wiper motor when someone unwittingly turns on the car after having left the windshield wipers on.  It also, some claim, keeps the wipers' rubber from being damaged when it has to be pried apart from the wlndshield by force. 

But is this really the best way to handle ice on a windshield?  Some say that this tactic damages the springs inside the blade arm by stretching it for a prolonged time, that it carries the risk that wind will blow down an ice-laden wiper against the windshield, possibly cracking it, and that propped up wipers are also a tempting sight to vandals who willmaliciously bend or break the wiper arms.

Fortunately, there's a third, better option - placing cardboard, cloth or a plastic bag under the wipers. This has the benefit of separating the wipers from the windshield, keeping them from freezing together, and maintains the wipers in their normal, preferred position.  Incidentally, it will also have the added benefit of covering up at least a portion of your windshield, so when it's time to use the car again, you'll have a much smaller area of the windshield from which to chisel ice!