Youths charged after altercation, threats made with pellet gun

(Dec 3 2017 - Kingston, ON) Two local 17-year-old youths have been arrested after a social media argument escalated into a fight with weapons.  

On December 3, 2017 a female youth became involved in an argument through social media another female youth. The argument escalated and the accused female youth proposed they fight. A short while later the accused female sent a photo of a street sign to the victim indicating they were on her street at Indian Rd.

The victim went out to her front yard and observed the accused female, accused male and others approaching and calling her names. The accused male then ran towards the residence and pointed a firearm at the victim, who was standing in the front yard. The victim realized the weapon was a pellet gun as the male shot and missed multiple times.

The accused female then pulled out a knife, but the victim struck her, causing the accused to drop the knife. The two engaged in a physical struggle and fell to the ground at which point the accused female began scratching the victim's face. The male accused kicked the victim multiple times while the two females were fighting.

Neighbours advised they were calling police, at which time the two accused and other unknown parties fled. Police responded and searched the area while requesting paramedics to address the victim’s injuries. The victim was transported to hospital with minor injuries.

On December 4, 2017 at approximately 5:15 p.m. the two accused turned themselves in at police headquarters. The male was held to attend a bail hearing, while the female was released with a future court date.

The accused male was charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, assault, and four counts of breach probation. The accused female has been charged with assault with a weapon.