Three amazing programs the city of Kingston offers

(Dec 27, 2017 - Kingston, ON) One of the reasons I love this city is the way it helps its citizens in innovative ways. Iā€™d like to highlight 3 such programs today:

1) Preventative Plumbing Program -

Provides financial assistance to homeowners doing work to their own home to reduce the risk of future sewage backup.

2) Rent/Utility Arrears Bank ā€“

To assist individuals in maintaining their housing when facing eviction due to rent arrears or in maintaining their energy source(s).

3) Home Ownership Program ā€“

Provides up to $14,529 towards the downpayment on a home purchase for residents presently renting. The city hosts regular information sessions on this program and I normally try to attend. If you'd like to be put on my list to be sent a reminder of the next time an info session takes place, feel free to email me.